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What is Bridges to Healing?

Bridges to Healing International is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing health care for orphans. We focus on finding sick, disabled and chronically ill children in orphanages and providing them the best health care we can. Children living in orphanages are a high-risk population - born into poverty, exposed to physical, sexual and emotional abuse, and living in institutional care. The goal is to create a "bridge" between the orphanage and local medical resources to provide health care in the orphanage.

Current Orphanages Served:


Hogar San Lorenzo:  Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Sayaricuy Orphanage: Cochabamba, Bolivia

Casa Nazareth: Cochabamba, Bolivia


Hogar Infantil de La Gloria: Tijuana, Mexico

Hogar Casa Maria Inmaculada: Tijuana, Mexico

We set up a primary health care system inside the orphanage through three on-going programs.

  1. First, our team of volunteer medical professionals travel to the orphanages to do thorough physicals, diagnose urgent needs and chronic disease, and make treatment plans.

  2. Second, we hire a full-time, professional, local nurse to work in the orphanage and take charge of the health care program.

  3. Finally, we partner with local health providers to do follow-up care, specialist consults, social work services, and vaccinations in the orphanages.

Dedicated Volunteers:

BTH International is run by and depends on dedicated volunteers, including physicians, nurses and other health care providers.

All funds raised go directly to health care for the children.

Donations go directly to pay for medications, lab fees, and nurse salaries for a local nurse to work in the orphanage.

We choose orphanages that are the most in need of assistance and we focus on one child at a time.